Since its opening on March 22, 2009 Le Pitou Salon Spa and Boarding has become synonymous with excellence in all aspects of animal care. A high degree of care, love and attention to detail can be found at Le Pitou Salon Spa and Boarding, Forest Hill's prominent luxury quarters, daycare, grooming for dogs and cats.


Upon entering our facility, patrons will be enveloped not only by an exquisite place, but by a friendly and welcoming staff.


Come and enjoy an European boutique atmosphere, with an eclectic feel. From the detailed decor catering to an exclusive taste, to the ceramic tiled floor just right for your 4 legged friends.


From the entrance you will be welcomed by our professional staff and you and your furry friends will feel like home. Le Petit Salon Spa and Boarding is conveniently located in the middle of Queens, in the exclusive Forest Hills neighborhood. This location provides easy access from all parts of New York City.


Le Pitou Salon Spa and Boarding was conceived with the sole purpose of providing a loving, safe and luxurious heaven for our beloved cats and dogs. Our staff will go to any lengths to make our guests stay a true delight.


Le Pitou Salon Spa and Boarding makes every effort to ensure all our guests enjoy their new home away from home. We are so proud of our facility that we invite you to to inspect it. Just stop in for an exciting tour! Some of the services we offer for our boarding guest include:


    Extra Playtime

    Special Diets

    Regular Grooming & Bath Time

    Fresh Blankest and Pillows

    Massage to relive anxiety and stress


Le Pitou Salon offers a complete grooming salon with professional, well trained and experienced staff. Our groomers use the most modern equipment and techniques to pamper your dog or cat. Best of all, our grooming salon may also be used even if your're not boarding your loved one! Le Pitou Salon offers the finest in grooming for all your loved one's needs.


Most importantly you can have peace of mind knowing that your cat or dog will be in the care of our professional staff. You can know that your pet is in great hands. Also, if your pet should require medical attention while in our care, we will work closely with our on call veterinarians.


So come in, relax and let our caring staff cater to your loved one's needs.

Le Pitou Dog Grooming Academy


We are proud to announce the opening of the 1st grooming academy in Queens, conveniently located one block from the 71st Street Continental Subway station. We feature the best teachers in the industry; whether you want to change your career in these tough economic times, or you are a cat or dog owner and wish to learn more on how to groom your loved one, we offer courses for every requirement.



    Designed for individuals who possess a genuine love for dogs and who wish to enter the dog grooming field and learn the art of grooming.


    The course includes the following:


        Handling and control

        Grooming equipment and its proper use

        De-matting and coat care

        Bathing and drying techniques

        Clipping and setting patterns

        Finishing techniques


    The course enables student to become all breed groomers and to function within a professional capacity. The students are given hands on experience under the guidance of a qualified instructor.


    Question and answer periods are also an integral part of the course.


    Explanation on the following:


        Canine internal parasites

        Canine external parasites

        Skin disorders

        Anal glands

        Balano posthitis

        Teeth care

        Vaccination, etc.


    A certificate of graduation is issued after completion of this course. Please call 718.674.6496 for schedule and rates.



    A special course may be arranged for those wishing to acquire more expertise in a given phase of dog grooming.


    Fees for the course will be discussed individually.



    This is the perfect opportunity to put into practice the knowledge you acquired in the basic course. More emphasis is given to the particular needs of each student.


    We go through all phases of dog grooming.


    Preparation: hygiene, first roughing, brushing and combing, bathing, fluff drying.


    Finition: final pattern distribution, scissoring, ornamentation


    Accessibility: this course is accessible to those who followed the basic course within distinction.


    Equipment: If you do not own the equipment Le Pitou is more than happy to lend it to you